Next community event: 
September End of Summer party at the pool - Catered by Food Lion. 
Fun for the whole family!  Details will be posted later.
Our FernBrook community pool will open on Monday, May 2nd.  We will have sanitizing bottles for use on the pool furniture.  Their use is totally optional.  Please make sure you close your table umbrella when you leave the pool area.
If you have any questions regarding the pool, please email Jim Lowry at jim.lowry@yahoo.com
Enjoy the Summer at the pool!!!!!
Neighborhood News
A Little Free Library has been set up by the pool house.  This is a book-sharing box where anyone may take a book or share a book. You do not need to share a book in order to take one. If you take a book or two from our little library, try to bring some books to share with our library.
The HOA Board would like to thank Erica, AJ, and Ben Sapio for recommending this great idea to the board.  Ben was especially excited to promote this idea, as Ben loves to read and he felt the Little Free Library Box would be an excellent way to encourage reading in the FernBrook neighborhood.  In addition,  the Little Free Library Box will be his Community Service Project at Brawley School.
We have recently added categories to our message board section for your use in finding boat slips, babysitters, and someone to help with odd jobs.  Please email our HOA if you would like any sections added.  Message boards have been enabled for you to subscribe to any areas of interest.
The North Carolina Boater Education Law took effect May 1, 2010.  Certification course is available online:  https://www.boat-ed.com/nc/index.htm
If your children operate a PWC or you allow your older teens to drive a boat, this new law may affect them.
Upcoming Events
No Events at this time.