Community Pool

FernBrook Pool swim season generally runs from May 15 - September 30.

The FernBrook pool committee works to provide oversight of the FernBrook Community pool area, equipment and related community pool processes. The committee will act to advise Fern Brook Board of Directors in a manner that protects the assets of the community and to purposefully deliver a safe, clean, respectful, fun and healthy environment for the Fern Brook neighborhood.


Pool Access!  All residents should receive their pool gate access cards.  If you haven't received your card, please contact HOA: Pool Committee Chair, Mike Kleinhandler, or HOA Vice-President Brad Luzius,  Pool access cards will be activated only for homeowners who are current in their HOA dues.  If your card does not work, please contact Bumgardner Association Management @ 704-829-7878 to bring your dues current. 

For additional info, refer to  Your card will then become activated.

You will need your card to enter and exit the pool area.  Make sure you have your card with you at all times when using the pool.


FernBrook pool location:  204 Fernbrook Dr.                 

Pool Telephone:  (704) 799-6775


To reserve the picnic tables for your group, print the form and then return it to our Social Committee and/or Board President Brad Luzius.  As a reminder, when you make a reservation to use the pool area, the pool will never be closed to residents.  You are reserving the exclusive right to use the picnic tables.  Complete details are provided on the reservation form.